Come to Praline’s for National Banana Split Day on August 25

August 15, 2017

Every year on August 25, people all over the United States celebrate the classic banana split. This delicious dessert combines three flavors of ice cream with fruit and toppings for a taste that people have loved for generations. Praline’s invites you to come to the shop closest to you on Friday, August 25 and try a banana split made with our award-winning ice cream.

What Goes into a Banana Split?

A banana split is traditionally served in a boat, a long dish specifically designed for the purpose. A banana is sliced lengthwise and topped with scoops of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. The ice cream is covered with strawberry and pineapple toppings, whipped cream, crushed nuts, and Maraschino cherries. The banana split has evolved over the years, and many variations exist today, but the basic idea is always the same.

When Was the Banana Split Invented?

The banana split was invented by an apprentice pharmacist at a pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1904. It quickly caught on with the locals, even though it cost twice as much as all of the other sundaes on the menu. The town of Labrobe celebrates the banana split with an annual festival held each August. The banana split has even been honored with a postage stamp.

Celebrate National Banana Split Day at Your Local Praline’s

Come to your local Praline’s on Friday, August 25 and try a delicious banana split in honor of National Banana Split Day. We serve freshly made ice cream made from top-quality ingredients. Our ice cream has been winning awards for years because of its taste, freshness, and quality. Praline’s offers dozens of flavors and toppings. If you are not in the mood for a banana split, we can make you a sundae with your choice of ice cream flavors and toppings.

Praline’s has locations all over Connecticut, so there is sure to be one near you. We invite you to bring your family and friends to the one closest to you on Friday, August 25 to try some of our delicious ice cream and toppings on National Banana Split Day.

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