Solar-Powered Truck Serves Ice Cream Inspired by Colors of Sunset

December 2, 2015

ice cream sunset Spencer Finch MiamiAmerican artist Spencer Finch has created a sculptural installation that distills the colors of a sunset into soft-serve ice cream. His solar-powered ice cream truck will be serving ice cream cones free of charge to visitors at Art Basel Miami from December 1 to 5.

The truck is solar-powered because the sun provides the inspiration for the colored ice cream that is served from it. It will be parked next to the sales center for Hyde Midtown Suites & Residence.

Finch is well known for producing large-scale sculptural works of art, such as a sky-colored installation at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. He launched a concept called “Sunset” at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis in 2008.

Finch painted a watercolor while looking at a sunset from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art overlooking Central Park earlier this year. He chose food coloring, which was made one batch at a time, based on colors he saw in the sunset. He has built on the concept since then by embracing both a playful sensibility and a scientific approach.

Finch calls the pink, orange, yellow, violet, and blue soft-serve ice cream an “edible monochrome.” The ice cream changes color throughout the day, but it does not do so in response to the time or the location of the ice cream truck.

Finch will not be in Miami for Art Basel. The production and serving of the ice cream will be supervised by a project manager who was involved in the original Central Park installation.

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