Creameries at Universities Teach Students How to Create Ice Cream Treats

November 24, 2015

university creamery ice creamUniversities across the country have dairy programs where students learn the science of creating ice cream and other delicious products. These labs are open to the public for samples and tours where visitors can learn how the treats are made.

Penn State in University Park, Pennsylvania is home to the Berkey Creamery, which was named after philanthropists who used to operate a dairy plant. The creamery introduces up to six new ice cream flavors every year and sells at least 20 flavors at any given time. They include Alumni Swirl (vanilla with blueberry swirls and Swiss mocha chips) and White House (vanilla and maraschino cherries). The creamery produces about 100 frozen desserts. It processes around 4.5 million pounds of milk every year and sells 750,000 servings of ice cream.

The Call Hall Dairy Bar at Kansas State University, Manhattan, sells three dozen ice cream flavors, as well as cheeses, butter, milk, eggs, flour, and specialty meats produced by other student labs. It is well known for ice cream flavors that include Purple Pride (blueberry) and Apple Dapple (apple slices and caramel fudge).

The MSU Dairy Store at Michigan State University, East Lansing, is the home of Dantonio’s Double Fudge Fake (with brownie chunks and chocolates shaped like footballs and filled with caramel), named in honor of football coach Mark Dantonio. Other flavors salute Big Ten schools. Free, self-guided tours are available.

The SDSU Dairy Bar at South Dakota State University, Brookings, began producing ice cream in 1910. It is well known for Jackrabbit (blueberry and lemon custard) and cookies and cream, which is available in vanilla, strawberry, mint, and chocolate. Tours of the Davis Dairy Plant and the campus dairy farm are available daily.

The UNL Dairy Store at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln offers different flavors every day. The creamery produces both ice cream and cheese. Free tours are available on weekdays, but reservations should be made two weeks in advance.

The Babcock Hall Dairy Store at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is the oldest dairy school in the country. It is named after the inventor of a test that measures the amount of butterfat in milk. The dairy store produces ice cream, cheese, and milk and offers self-guided tours. The best times to go are weekday mornings, when production is at its peak. Two million pounds of milk are processed on campus every year to create 75,000 gallons of ice cream in flavors such as Bec-Key Lime Pie, named after Chancellor Rebecca Blank.

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