History and Tradition in Wallingford, CT

October 12, 2012

Pralines of WallingfordPralines has a history in Wallingford, Connecticut where we have our corporate headquarters and have two shops open in the area. We’ve been making ice cream since 1984 and now we’re well known throughout the state. Since opening up our first shop in 1984, we have partnered with store owners around the state to open 12 more locations and counting. Franchise-free business opportunities from Pralines have Connecticut business owners happy to be in the ice cream business for themselves. We take great pride in our tradition of making the best quality ice cream using only the best ingredients available to us. This has had customers coming back time and time again and we are so grateful for all the smiles we’ve created through the years with our ice cream.

Back in the 80’s, roller skating was pretty popular, so we decided to open up our ice cream parlor next to Roller Palace, which you may now know as the Staples Plaza in Wallingford, CT on Route 5. In addition, we had Napoli’s in the plaza, too, so after a fun time of skating with your friends, you could fill up on Napoli’s pizza then head over to Pralines for some sweet creamy frozen goodness. It didn’t get much better than that back then, and soon the buzz spread through town about our fantastic flavors. We soon began selling our ice cream to retailers in the area who wanted to carry our delicious brand.

We make our ice cream fresh daily right here in the great state of Connecticut with pride and passion in the town of Wallingford. You can visit us at one of our Wallingford locations (there are 2, ya know) and try our fresh-made ice cream for yourself! For nearly 3 decades, we’ve been a fantastic local destination for families who love to enjoy the good things in life. See us today and try one of our over 40 different ice cream flavors!

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