Enjoy an Ice Cream Cone on a Hot Summer Day

August 12, 2016

types of ice cream conesEating scoops of freshly made ice cream piled on top of a crunchy cone is the perfect way to relax on a hot summer day. A cone enhances the taste of ice cream and adds texture that perfectly complements the frozen sweetness. If you are looking for ice cream cones to top with ice cream for your family at home, or if you want to head to your local ice cream shop, you have many options.

Cake (Wafer) Cones

Cake cones, or wafer cones, are light and flaky and have a subtle sweetness. Flour, sugar, and shortening are combined to create a mix similar to cake batter. Cake cones can be made with pastry, cake, and tapioca flour for crunchy sweetness.

Sugar Cones

Sugar cones are classic. They are a bit sweeter than traditional cake cones because they incorporate molasses or brown sugar in the baking process. Sugar cones are thicker and crunchier, but they are also smaller and darker than other types of cones. The flour and fiber in the cones make them thicker and stronger than other varieties of ice cream cones. The conical shape prevents the cone from breaking and the ice cream from spilling.

Waffle Cones

Waffle cones are made with cake and pastry flours to give them a sweet flavor and a crunchy taste. Molasses or dark brown sugar is used in the batter to give waffle cones a crispy and syrupy taste. Waffle cones have a conical shape and a waffled design on the outside to collect ice cream drips.

Pretzel Cones

Pretzel cones are crunchy and salty. They are made from a combination of wheat flour, sugar, and salt to create a stronger cone that can support scoops of rich ice cream. The outside of the cone is lightly salted to accentuate the sweetness of the ice cream. Pretzel cones are ideal for scooped ice cream as well as soft serve and hand-dipped varieties.

Try Some Delicious Praline’s Ice Cream

You can come to your local Praline’s and try a cone with some of our delicious homemade ice cream. We serve both traditional flavors and our own unique creations. Stop in today with your family to try some of our award-winning ice cream.

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