How Does Air Affect the Texture of Ice Cream?

August 4, 2016

air ice cream overrunIf you have tried ice cream from several brands or different ice cream shops, you may have found that some tastes heavier and some has a lighter and creamier texture. This difference is due largely to the amount of air, or overrun, that is used to make the different brands of ice cream.

Air is added in a churning or mixing process while the ice cream is being frozen. This is similar to adding air to cream to make whipped cream or making a meringue by beating egg whites.

How Air Affects Ice Cream

Overrun is the percentage of increase in the volume of ice cream due to added air. For example, an overrun of 100 percent means that for every gallon of ice cream ingredients, you would have two gallons of ice cream after air is added.

Federal guidelines limit the amount of overrun in ice cream and set a minimum weight for a gallon of ice cream. There is no minimum amount of overrun required, so ice cream makers can produce ice cream that is as dense as they want.

Why Overrun Is Necessary

Overrun is necessary to create ice cream. Without air added, ice cream would be a frozen block like an ice cube. This would make the ice cream difficult or impossible to scoop or eat with a spoon and would also give it a very icy texture that would probably not taste very good.

The amount of air used affects the final texture of ice cream. If a small amount of air is used, the ice cream will be dense, heavy, and colder. More air produces ice cream that is light, creamy, and less cold.

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