Cool off with Some Mint Ice Cream at Praline’s

August 1, 2017

On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than a sundae piled high with scoops of delicious ice cream and toppings. Mint is a refreshing flavor that is perfect when paired with chocolate. At Praline’s, we have two kinds of mint-flavored ice cream that can cool you off on a hot day.

Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream Flavors at Praline’s

Come to your local Praline’s and enjoy some of our Mint Oreo ice cream. We pair our fresh mint-flavored ice cream with pieces of Oreo cookies. We can also serve you some of our Mint Chip ice cream. At Praline’s, we mix mint-flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks.

Choose from Dozens of Tasty Toppings for Your Sundae at Praline’s

You can choose to have your mint ice cream served on one of our four types of cones or in a sundae. If you decide to have your ice cream in a sundae, you can choose from the dozens of toppings that Praline’s has to offer.

We have several sauces that we can pour over your ice cream for the perfect sundae. We can top your ice cream with our mallocream fudge, caramel, butterscotch, or peanut butter sauce. If you like marshmallows, we can serve your ice cream sundae with marshmallow fluff.

Praline’s has many other toppings. If you like fruit, we have strawberries, Maraschino cherries, and pineapple, strawberry, cherry, and raspberry toppings. If you want cookies on your sundae, we can sprinkle Oreos or cookie dough on top. We also have several types of candy, including rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, Mini M&Ms, Mini Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips, Gummy Bears, coconut flakes, and Nerds. We can finish off your sundae with some walnuts or almonds.

Bring Your Family to Praline’s to Try Some of Our Delicious Mint Ice Cream

Connecticut can get hot in the summer. Cool off with some refreshing mint ice cream at your local Praline’s. We can make you a sundae with our delicious ice cream and your choice of toppings. Praline’s has locations all over Connecticut. Bring your whole family to the one closest to you today.

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