Celebrate National Pecan Day at Praline’s on April 14

April 5, 2017

Next Friday, April 14, is National Pecan Day. This holiday is celebrated on the same day every year. You can mark the occasion by enjoying a delicious dessert made with pecans.

Many Reasons to Enjoy Pecans

Pecans are a member of the hickory family. They are native to the central and southern United States. Pecans get their name from an Algonquian word that means a nut that needs to be cracked with a stone. Pecans contain several minerals, including copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin E. They can help reduce LDL cholesterol and raise levels of HDL cholesterol. Pecans are also an excellent source of fiber.

Celebrate National Pecan Day with Ice Cream at Praline’s

Praline’s invites you to come to the location closest to you on April 14 and try some of our ice cream flavors with pecans in honor of National Pecan Day. We have several flavors of ice cream that include pecans.

Our Rocky Road ice cream is made from chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows, chocolate chunks, and pecans. We also have Butter Pecan ice cream with pieces of pecans. You can try some of our Pralines-n-Cream ice cream. This is brown sugar and butter ice cream with pecans covered in butter and brown sugar. We also have Butter Crunch ice cream. This is our butter pecan-flavored ice cream with butter crunch candy.

You can have a few scoops of one of these or try them all. We can serve your ice cream on one of our four types of cones or in a sundae. We can top your sundae with your choice of our dozens of toppings. We can serve your sundae with mallocream fudge, caramel, butterscotch, or peanut butter sauce. We can finish it off with your choice of candy, cookies, fruit, or nuts.

National Pecan Day is coming up next Friday, April 14. Come to Praline’s with your family or friends and celebrate by trying a sundae or cone with some of our award-winning ice cream made with pecans.

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