Tis’ the Season for the Ice Cream Yule log

December 23, 2013

pralines yule log

The holiday season is all about tradition. The great thing about tradition is the reliability. Traditions will always be there because, well, they’re traditions.

Families have plenty of traditions: Maybe your family tradition is opening one Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. Maybe it’s going caroling. Maybe your Uncle Earl comes over on Christmas afternoon and deep fries a turkey in the driveway.

We talk a little about ice cream here (ok, we talk a lot about ice cream). And Praline’s is a business that loves family and ice cream. And so Praline’s has its own ice cream tradition.

That’s right. The ice cream Yule log is back at Praline’s. It’s a taste of the holidays you can put in your freezer and enjoy after a great holiday meal.

This will get your mind off that last-minute shopping you keep putting off. The Praline’s ice cream Yule log: We are talking about a black raspberry ice cream and chocolate cake topped with chocolate cake crumbs and chocolate drizzle. Beats the heck out of Aunt Connie’s fruitcake. In fact, feel free to re-gift that fruitcake. While we are on the subject of dessert as gifts, the ice cream Yule log makes a sweet present for the company or private holiday party. In fact, if you left a slice of this for Santa instead of the usual cookies and milk, you’d probably get every item on your Christmas list.

Quality and the homemade touch are part of what makes this holiday sweet treat so special. Praline’s serves up scratch-made ice cream made in-house. This is the ice cream that is in the Yule log.

Praline’s does not stop with the Yule log (although that’s a great place to start). You can also find ice cream pies for the holidays. Choose from Apple Crumb or Pumpkin. If you are just in the mood for a scoop or a cone, Praline’s serves up delightful seasonal flavors like Peppermint Stick, Egg Nog Chip and Cranberry Nut Gingersnap. There’s no wrong choice, unless you don’t like things that are delicious.

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