Those National Ice Cream Day Deals

July 21, 2014

National Ice Cream DayThis past Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. What’s that, you say? You are not familiar with National Ice Cream Day? That’s too bad because you missed out on some sweet deals.

First, let’s refresh the history of National Ice Cream Day. President Ronald Reagan did more than fire air traffic controllers and inspire the term “Reaganomics”. The man also clearly loved his ice cream. Back in 1984, President Reagan declared the third Sunday of every July to be designated National Ice Cream Day. The president also took it one step further. He names the entire month of July national ice cream month.

So, did you catch any great ice cream deals on July 20th? If not here’s some of what you missed:

• Carvel celebrated National Ice Cream Day with 80-cent soft serve cups and cones.
• Ben & Jerry’s sent an ice cream truck around the country, looking for ice cream enthusiasts. On National Ice Cream Day, that truck was delivering free scoops of ice cream.
• Some grocery store chains figured National Ice Cream Day was the perfect day to serve up free samples of new flavors.
• Dairy Queen ran a two-for-the-price of one special for Blizzard ice cream treats.
• Folks who joined Sonic’s Ice Cream Social club were set to receive free ice cream.

If you missed one of these ice cream specials, fear not. Remember, this is also National Ice Cream Month. There are still great deals to be had and sweet ways to celebrate.

Here’s a reminder: Scooper Sunday will be taking place this Sunday on July 27th, before the New Britain Rock Cats baseball game in New Britain. Praline’s will be among the ice cream makers participating in an all you can eat ice cream taste testing. Praline’s will once again be featuring its signature flavor, Beez Neez, winner of the taste-testing contest two years aware.

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