Getting in the Ice Cream Game

November 10, 2014

pralines cup

Many of us, at one time or another, have thought about a career change. Why not be part of one of the best ice cream companies in America?

Praline’s is always looking to expand its ice cream-loving family. If you love ice cream enough to make it your life’s calling, you should know Praline’s offers no-franchise-fee business opportunities in Connecticut and other parts of New England. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and want the opportunity to run your own business, consider a Praline’s ice cream shop. There is comfort in knowing you’ll be part of an established, experienced business that believes in quality and customer satisfaction. Those are not just words. Praline’s has been bringing quality ice cream to Connecticut for more than 30 years. Praline’s also believes in local business. That’s why Praline’s still makes all of its ice cream in Connecticut, the same as it has since day one.

The opportunity to run a Praline’s shop is a franchise-free opportunity. This means you have greater control over your profits. There is no monthly royalty franchise fee. You purchase the Praline’s ice cream from Praline’s via the Praline’s retail agreement. The retail agreement means you resell the product but do not have to turn over a percentage of your profit every month. Once the retail agreement is in place, that’s it. You’re ready to go.

You also know that you are in charge of a business that aims to do things the right way. Being a small business owner also allows you to have freedom and truly be your own boss.


Thanksgiving is two weeks away and it’s time to start thinking about pie. Ice cream pie. Let’s Praline’s be part of your holiday. Before you carve the turkey make sure you have one of our delicious ice cream pies on hand for your Thanksgiving dessert.

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