Eating Ice Cream with Fido

July 18, 2013

Many people admit that they share their ice cream cones with a pet, usually a dog or a cat. As common and acceptable as this may be, you could be doing it wrong! What do we
mean by this? Here are some tips for sharing your ice cream cone with the dog.

dog on carpet
Image source: Always Clean LLC

Moderation – First things first, if you’re going to share your ice cream with Fido, only do so in moderation. Foods high in fat, sugar, or salt can be bad for his system, and treats like ice cream, if overindulged, can promote pancreatitis and obesity. Keep the ice cream sharing to a minimum; that way, your pooch can enjoy your generous heart and keep his health.

Know When to Share – Remember that you dog won’t understand “This is a one-time only situation.” If you share your ice cream with your pet while you’re sitting on the couch, or worse, sitting at the table, he will start begging every time you sit down. To avoid cultivating ill behavior, make sure you only share human food in neutral areas: for example, outside, on a park bench, or sitting on the living room floor. If you’re in neutral space, you won’t accidentally train him to beg for ice cream every time you sit at the table.

You First – As cute and endearing as those commercials and scenes from your favorite movies are, most dogs in the real world won’t take a careful lick of your ice cream cone. Instead they’ll lap most of it up, cause the rest to fall on the ground and then eat that, too. Or, they might just bite the entire thing leaving you with nothing but the end of a dry cone. To ensure that you get your fill of ice cream, eat as much as you want before offering any to the dog. If he’s gentle you might be able to take a few more bites; however, the odds are against you on that one.

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