Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream the Right Way

June 5, 2017
close-up of chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Ice Cream from Praline’s

If you’re a chocolate lover, then June 7th is the perfect day for you. Coming up this Wednesday is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Along with vanilla, chocolate is one of the most common flavors in the world. People have enjoyed this classic flavor for over 100 years. Celebrate at Praline’s with a scoop of our delicious, own made chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate Ice Cream Flavors to Try

Start off with a scoop of our traditional chocolate ice cream in either a cup, or one of our four types of cones. It is a high-quality, best-selling flavor made with real Dutch cocoa.

Taste a scoop of our Rocky Road flavor. This is a chocolate ice cream with mini-marshmallows, chocolate chunks and pecans added in.

If you enjoy the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, have a cone of our Nightmare flavor. After having a scoop, you’ll be dreaming about the chocolate peanut butter ice cream with mini peanut butter cups mixed in.

If you’re craving a chocolate explosion, try a scoop of our Triple Thunder. It is a triple chocolate ice cream packed with a combination of bitter, semi-sweet and pure cocoa flavor.

Try our tasty Brownie Chip flavor. You will be reminded of home baked brownies after tasting a classic chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces and chocolate chunks mixed in.

For More Chocolate

Looking for a little extra chocolate to sweeten up your day? You don’t have to stop with the ice cream to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Try a couple of scoops in either a cone or cup with added toppings of your choice. Ask for a cone dipped in chocolate, cherry or our top kote flavor.

For more chocolate flavor create a sundae. Add chocolate syrup, crushed peanut butter cups, mini chocolate covered candies, chocolate chip cookie dough and more.

Stop by your local Pralines with all the chocolate lovers in your family to enjoy this national holiday on June 7th.

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