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College Students Learn the Physics of Making Ice Cream

November 15, 2015

A class at Boston University teaches students the science behind the making of some of their favorite foods, including ice cream. Professor Rama Bansil teaches the Physics of Food/Cooking course. The

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STEM Program Teaches First Graders How Ice Cream Is Made

November 14, 2015

First grade students in Paradise Valley Schools in Arizona will have a special opportunity to learn how ice cream is made. The students will participate in Ice Cream Factory, an experiential

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Scientists Create Slower-Melting Ice Cream

October 7, 2015

An ice cream cone is a welcome treat on a hot summer day, but it can make your hands sticky when it melts. Scientists have found a solution to that messy

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Finland to Drop Tax on Ice Cream and Candy

October 1, 2015

Finnish regulators have announced that they plan to eliminate a tax on ice cream and confectionery at the beginning of 2017. Finland’s Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy announced the change after

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5-Year-Old Girl Buys Troopers Ice Cream after Funeral

September 23, 2015

Isabella Gregory, a 5-year-old Kentucky girl, decided to use her allowance money to buy ice cream sundaes for a group of state troopers who stopped at a restaurant after attending a

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Using Ice Cream to Encourage Bike Safety

September 3, 2015

As we wind down the summer season, folks will be looking to enjoy the perks of summer one last weekend. We’re talking about things like bike rides and a trip to

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Very Old Ice Cream

August 27, 2015

Talk about freezer burn. How’s this for very old ice cream? Some folks across the pond got a true taste of ice cream from centuries ago. This week, the Kingston Palace

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America Still Loves Ice Cream

August 12, 2015

Here’s a big surprise (sarcasm alert): Americans still love ice cream. The folks over at Yahoo Food have done a little ice cream research this week. They came up with this

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Social Media & Our Favorite Ice Cream

August 5, 2015

We learn so much from social media these days. Information comes fast and furious. It can shape our opinions. So what does this have to do with ice cream? A recent

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Youth is served in this Ice Cream Business

July 30, 2015

Kids love the sound of the ice cream truck bell. And why not? That ice cream bell is the sound of summer vacation and outdoor fun. Yet, one youngster in Georgia

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