How Ice Cream Shops Make Rich, Creamy Ice Cream

June 22, 2016

ice cream shops creamy ice creamIf you have ever tried to make homemade ice cream, you may have had trouble getting the creamy texture you find in ice cream from an ice cream shop, or it may have been frozen rock-solid or had big ice crystals. Professional ice cream makers use some ingredients and techniques that people do not use as often when making homemade ice cream. Here are some of the secrets professionals use to make creamy, scoopable ice cream.

Professional Ice Cream Machines

Ice cream machines that people use in their kitchens at home usually have a removable core that is chilled in a freezer. These machines are designed to produce small batches of ice cream. Professional ice cream shops use larger machines that can produce greater quantities of ice cream in less time. These machines freeze the ice cream faster, which produces smaller ice crystals and a creamy texture.

Colder Freezers

Another key to making creamy ice cream is keeping it very cold. Ice cream shops have sub-zero freezers that are much colder than the typical freezer in a home. The freezer you have in your kitchen has an automatic defrost cycle that will slowly melt and refreeze the ice cream, but an ice cream shop’s freezer keeps the frozen treats at a consistently colder temperature. Some ice cream shops have service freezers that warm the ice cream to a slightly higher temperature to make it easier to scoop.


Many ice cream shops use stabilizers to create a creamy texture. These can include Sevarome, maltodextrin, plant gums, and gelatin. Some professional ice cream makers prefer not to use stabilizers and use other ingredients instead.

Sugar Substitutes

Homemade ice cream recipes usually call for table sugar, or sucrose. Professional ice cream makers have other sweetening options, such as invert sugar, corn syrup, glucose syrup, and honey. These create a creamy body and give the ice cream stability.

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