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Celebrities Love Ice Cream

November 12, 2012

  So you're an ice cream fanatic are you? Well, do you eat ice cream for breakfast? No? Well we know someone who does and his name is Warren Buffet. That’s right, Warren Buffet. One of the most successful men of the 20th century starts his day with a healthy serving of his favorite Hagen daze ice cream. We're starting to think that maybe Buffet is onto something… could ice cream be brain food? Nah it couldn't be… could it? If Warren Buffet, a man worth roughly 46 billion dollars, loves ice cream so much that he chooses to eat it for breakfast... how many other Americans are doing the same thing? We say probably a lot. Because there are a lot of people who love ice cream, it makes sense that ice cream shops around the country are a dime a dozen. Over the years, competition between ice cream parlors has gotten…

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Chocolate Ice Cream

November 4, 2012

The Simple Pleasures of Life Nothing could be so joyfully simple and simply joyful than a scoop of chocolate ice cream. The most beloved of flavors to many, rich chocolate Pralines Own Made ice cream is made with the freshest and most quality ingredients we could get our hands on.   We make it fresh, right at home in Wallingford, Connecticut! Classic Chocolate What else so simple could bring so much joy? Chocolate ice cream is the perfect indulgence, whether served in a cup or a cone. Our high quality ice cream is made with real Dutch Cocoa and fresh dairy. We make it taste so good because we like to see you smile :) How Many Kinds of Chocolate? You can enjoy a myriad of flavors at a Pralines ice cream parlor, where we have more than one flavor of chocolate ice cream... Thunder is a flavor we feature…

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Seasonal Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie from Pralines

October 24, 2012

This time of year is perfect for a delicious pumpkin ice cream pie from your local Pralines ice cream parlor! We like to roll out seasonal treats during different times of the year, and through the holiday season we offer our delicious pumpkin ice cream pie! Imagine the delight on their faces when you show up bearing the ultimate gift... pie! No ordinary pie, however. Our ice cream pies are the perfect fun-time treat. We load a graham cracker crust full of our delicious pumpkin ice cream and top it off with pumpkin shaped sugar cookies! We love making ice cream pies at Pralines. From our Black Bottom Pie, a vanilla and chocolate ice cream in a chocolate wafer crust, which is separated by a layer of fudge in the miedle3 and little chocolate crunchies on top, to our Coconut Cream Pie: a double layer of Coconut Cream ice cream…

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Ice Cream Toppings

October 18, 2012

In addition to our myriad of ice cream flavors, you can also customize your cup or cone with various toppings to enhance your ice cream experience. Ice cream can make bad days good, and good days even better – but what could be better than a cup or cone of your favorite ice cream flavor? Perhaps topping it off with even more deliciousness! We offer a variety of awesome toppings, letting you customize your ice cream any which way you choose. We have crushed candy bar toppings, and candy toppings, too. Hot toppings like fudge, caramel, and peanut butter, and cool toppings such as chocolate syrup or our homemade whipped cream... yum! We have syrups and powders in various flavors, and we even have prepared fruit toppings you can enjoy like maraschino cherries, pineapple topping, strawberry topping, cherry topping, and raspberry fruit topping! You’d be crazy not to like nuts,…

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History and Tradition in Wallingford, CT

October 12, 2012

Pralines has a history in Wallingford, Connecticut where we have our corporate headquarters and have two shops open in the area. We’ve been making ice cream since 1984 and now we’re well known throughout the state. Since opening up our first shop in 1984, we have partnered with store owners around the state to open 12 more locations and counting. Franchise-free business opportunities from Pralines have Connecticut business owners happy to be in the ice cream business for themselves. We take great pride in our tradition of making the best quality ice cream using only the best ingredients available to us. This has had customers coming back time and time again and we are so grateful for all the smiles we’ve created through the years with our ice cream. Back in the 80’s, roller skating was pretty popular, so we decided to open up our ice cream parlor next to…

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